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Some history:

  • In 2007 both the Indian Ministry of Mines and the state of Uttarakhand approved our Mining Lease application on 386 Hectares (see map below).

    Map showing the old Askot Prospecting Licence (green rectangle) and the new Mining Lease application areas (irregular red line)

    Map of the reduced area from the old Prospecting Licence (green rectangular border) of 793 hectares and the Mining Lease application (irregular red border) of 386 hectares. The northern border (the irregular double black line) is the paved highway between Pithoragarh and Dharchula of the Border Roads system. Askot village has several hundred people; the other villages shown are clusters of farm houses, each with a few dozen people at most. The project will not displace anyone involuntarily.

  • The Company obtained Environmental Clearance in June 2009
  • The Company did considerable geologic, geophysical and other technical work.
  • It also rebuilt two km of existing road as an all-weather road and it survived the various July-September monsoons.
  • The government is in process of "de-notifing" the existing Askot Game Sanctuary after objections from local people. The borders of the game sanctuary were poorly thought out from the start. It was originally intended to protect a species of musk deer, but the deer are high altitude animals and never venture as low as the Askot area (700 m to 1,250 m). The proposed new sanctuary boundary is at 8,000 feet elevation (2,400 m), which takes it far from Askot.
  • As a policy, the Company has a protocol for hiring local residents as much as possible. We have employed a skilled team of miners, construction workers and administrative staff that varies between 15 and 60 people. Goods and services are also procured locally as much as possible.
  • The project to date has put many lakhs of rupees into the local economy.
  • The Indian Bureau of Mines has visited the project, advised on aspects of safety and health, and has approved the Askot project.
  • Mining Engineer Barun Kumar, Gyan Singhai and Miner's Mate Bakunth Prasad underground
    Mining Engineer Barun Kumar, Gyan Singhai and Miner's Mate Bakunth Prasad underground
  • The Company has given full access to the local and international press, which has visited, interviewed employees, taken photos and written about the project.
  • Drilling: 6,600 metres in 23 holes from the surface in 2006, 2007 and 2010.
  • 100 line-km of tightly spaced magnetic and electromagnetic lines was conducted in 2006.

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