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Our principals are people who chose their careers as geologists in part because they appreciated the environment. It is a principle of our company to work to the highest standards.

The Askot deposit is in a valley where the slopes are used for crops and pasture. North of the valley is ridge with a forest resource, that is also the south edge of a large sanctuary for wild animals and birds. The mine will be out of sight of the sanctuary and we will ensure that it does not damage any part of the sanctuary or forest.

The Askot mine will be an underground operation -- not an open-cast mine -- which will have a very small "footprint." We also propose to backfill the tailings into the mine workings for two reasons -- ground support and to minimize waste on the surface.

Our independent consultants have completed and delivered an Environmental Impact Assessment, which is an exhaustive baseline study of sensitive parameters. They are expanding their work into an Environmental Impact Statement.

We subscribe to the E3 program, "Environmental Excellence in Exploration," promulgated by the Prospectors and Developers Association of Canada. E3 is a comprehensive set of guidelines for best practices to prevent damage to the environment and property as compiled from industry, government and stakeholder sources.

(January 1, 2009)

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